How to Choose your Co-Living Experience

Co-living is a concept that has been gaining popularity in the past two years, especially among millennials. It can be considered in some instances as study abroad for adults.

If your job allows you to go remote, then co-living might be a great fit. You’ll benefit from having your accommodations arranged for you without worrying about a lease and being surrounded by a likeminded community. What’s more, you’ll make lifelong friends, create unforgettable memories, and forge new professional connections.

Are you considering joining the rapidly growing group of professionals who choose to co-live internationally? This guide will help you select a co-living experience that is right for you.

The 4 Main Categories of Co-Living

Each category consists of our recommended programs. We’ve made it easy for you to analyze via an infographic the costs, the duration, the size of the group, and what is included in the price. At the end of the article, we’ve put together an in-depth analysis of the pro’s and con’s of each program.