Destination Workation

If your goal is to have a change of your normal scenery and refocus on work without isolating yourself, then a Workation is what you need. Co-living at one of the workation destinations means that not only your accommodations and co-working spaces are arranged for you, food and activities are often included as well. Destinations range from rural locations surrounded by nature to beachside retreats, so take your pick.


Location: Rural Germany, between Leipzig and Berlin

Description: Unlike many other co-living and co-working programs that tout exotic urban or beachside locations, Coconat is all about connecting with nature. Daily and weekly rates are available in shared and private rooms.

Pros: Very friendly prices of ~$750 for shared rooms and ~$1,300 for private rooms; Meals are included in the price and children are welcome too!

Cons: Co-living members are not “curated” as in some other programs, so you won’t know what kind of people you’ll meet until you’re there.


Location: Mallorca

Description: BednDesk is a great option for beach and sun-loving nomads. Co-living guests also have access to a co-working space with a network of internationals and locals. You can book at BednDesk by week.

Pros: The ~$1,000/month price already makes it a very affordable option, and in the low seasons of 2017 (autumn and winter) it’s even 50% off; BednDesk is just one block away from the beach

Cons: BednDesk is a small co-living space for now, with up to 5 spots, but it will open up new facilities in 2018 that houses 24.

Coworking in the Sun

Location: Tenerife

Description: If you’ve dreamed of working from an island destination, Tenerife is a great choice that has been gaining popularity with digital nomads. Coworking in the Sun offers all the typical co-living and co-working amenities, with the added benefit of easy access to activities like kitesurfing and even Spanish classes. Daily and weekly rates are available, with discounts for longer periods.

Pros: The price cannot be beat at ~$700 per month.

Cons: Flats are shared; availability is limited to 20; you might not get much work done.


Location: Montenegro’s coast

Description: Playworking is part retreat, part work in a scenic locale. They encourage you to do deep work, and then get outdoors for inspiration. Adventure is their specialty, with activities as stand up paddle and scuba diving available. You can book a spot here by days or weeks, and you’ll be co-living with up to 15 people.

Pros: Food is included; communal activities and seminars are available; ideal for adventurous nomads.

Cons: At a starting price of ~$1,400/month for shared accommodations, it’s one of the more expensive workation options