Specialty Retreat

If you’re not looking to go full-on nomad just yet, but want to get inspired by likeminded individuals, a specialty retreat may be for you. These short, 1-2 week retreats are often built around a theme. They’re designed to help you grow as an individual and as a professional. “Co-working” at these retreats is sometimes possible, but not at all required. Whether it’s purely adventure travel with your peers or a professional development-focused retreat, you’ll come out from the experience stimulated personally and professionally.



Location: Global, with themed trips in destinations like Italy, Russia, and even North Korea.

Description: Refuga is billed as “travel for entrepreneurs”. You’ll be surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurial individuals for 6-10 days. Co-working is not always a requirement at Refuga’s trips. With themed trips as “Food Lovers Workation”, “Bike Across India”, and “Island Survival”, sometimes it’s about getting out of your comfort zone and letting the ideas flow organically with your peers.

Pros: A small group size of 10-15 and usual themed travel packages.

Cons: It’s not the most economical way to go on holiday, as trips can run anywhere from $1,995 to $3,900 for 6-10 days.


Nomad Cruise

Location: On a moving cruise! Routes vary, past editions have included Spain to Panama, and Colombia to Portugal.

Description: The Nomad Cruise is a 2-week conference sailing across the Atlantic. The 150-200 people on board are already remote workers or aspire to achieve location independence. They’ve got a really extensive line-up of talks as “From travel blog to online travel shop”, “Web Development 101” and “How to travel the world with kids” hosted by inspiring speakers. Trips run about twice a year, and both shared or single cabins are available.

Pros: The all-inclusive price of ~$750 per person is excellent value; access to 40+ seminars and talks from successful nomads. Its a great way to travel from continent to continent.

Cons: As you’re on a cruise in the middle of the Atlantic, you may not get much work done with the sometimes shaky WiFi. Which might be for the better – get out on the deck, get some sun, and meet your fellow cruise members!


WiFly Nomads

Location: Bali.

Description: WiFly Nomads is part course, part retreat, providing aspiring digital nomads the foundation to go fully remote. With inspiring speakers such as the Founder of Rich20Something, and action-oriented workshops as “Pick Your Income Source” and “Learn the Lifestyle Fundamentals”, WiFly Nomads truly covers the A-Z of what you need to know. After the in-person program ends, they provide 2.5 months of online support.

Pros: For professionals that aspire a lifestyle with more location independence, but not sure how to make it happen, this program provides plenty of hand-holding and support.

Cons: The price of learning how to go full nomad is steep, at $4,999 for 2 weeks!


DNX Camp

Location: Global, with destinations as Jericoacoara (Brazil) and Lemnos, Greece.

Description: DNX Camp runs 10-day trips geared towards digital nomads and online entrepreneurs. Over 10 days, you’ll co-live, co-work, and co-create at exotic locales. Trips are sometimes themed, for example some run with a German theme or a health theme. The camp focuses on getting you inspired to take your business to the next level and growing personally, while escaping the normal routine of the city.

Pros: Themed retreats as well as access to the DNX (Digital Nomad Conference) and betahaus (Berlin’s first co-working space) community.

Cons: The lack of a selection process; anyone can join.